About Ohari

Ohari was set up to sell clothing to the extreme sports market, but as we found out it appealed to a much wider range of people.


As people that have worn the "extreme sports" clothes, we decided to have a change and set up something different rather than the common and now very expensive brands.

Ohari aims towards all markets, using high quality garments and we aim to keep the prices affordable which then puts us 1 step ahead of the competition.

Our line of clothing offers amazing garments while also giving the same durability you need whether you are walking the street or being involved in an extreme sport.

Now we are getting the support we need, Ohari clothing is growing by the day and hope some day we could support the extreme sports market on a larger scale.

To support us follow us on www.twitter.com/ohariclothing

Payment of clothing on our website is via Paypal which provides you with the online protection you need.

All clothing is despatched the next working day following payment.

For all enquires please email us at ohariclothing@gmail.com 

Thanks, Ohari Team